The inspiration

The inspiration for this project

Thanks to Esa Meriläinen for the inspiration for this current-drive project.

My inspiration: active current-drive for low distortion

For more information about current-drive, see his site and book:
Current-Drive – The Natural Way of Loudspeaker Operation

A peer-reviewed research paper by Esa Meriläinen:
Comparative Measurements on Loudspeaker Distortion: Current vs. Voltage Control

About current-distortion

For more information about loudspeaker distortion (KLIPPEL GmbH):
Loudspeaker non-linearities

About professional sound engineering

And thanks to Michael Klein (his name is Small, his Magic is great), professional sound engineer at MK Stage and Sound, who helped me tuning the in-room response and translating ‘some more warmth’ and ‘a bit crispier’ into Herz and decibels.