Audio for the music lover

A digital-controlled, active, current-drive audio system.


  • Crystal clear sound.
  • Precise and stable soundstage.
  • A smooth adjustable in-room response, with a deep punchy bass.

2-way acoustic suspension loudspeakers for active current-drive system for the music lover

2-way acoustic suspension loudspeakers

  • The only components are the Scan-Speak drivers.
  • No ports, no passive filters, no other components at all.
  • No components between driver and amplifier.

A four channel current-drive amplifier

  • Current-drive for lower loudspeaker distortion.
  • A class AB amplifier per channel, each fitting on a circuit board of 6.3 x 3.4 cm.
  • 0.005 % distortion at 5 Watt continuous power.
  • 0.1 % maximum distortion till 50 Watt continuous power (100 Watt peak power).
  • An ‘old school’ power supply with a big toroidal transformator and big capacitors.

DSP from miniDSP as a digital pre-amplifier for active current-drive system for the music lover

A digital pre-amplifier

  • Digital Signal Processor (with a Digital to Analog Converter), for
    • Driver correction
    • Time alignment of drivers
    • Crossover
    • Time alignment of loudspeakers
    • Room correction (with Dirac Live)
  • Inputs:
    • Analog
    • USB (digital PCM signal)
    • TOSLINK optical SPDIF (digital PCM signal)

You can control the system with a remote control or with a computer via an USB connection.

It is a system for music lovers. There are little options for hardware tweaking, you cannot exchange components, because it is an integrated system with the components working close together. But you can directly manipulate the in-room response, the outcome of all the hardware tweaking in other systems.

Suggested inputs

  • CD player on analog input.
  • Computer on USB input.
  • TV set on optical input.
  • AppleTV connected to TV set (Audio, video and Ethernet).
  • TV set for (wireless, via AppleTV) DLNA and Dolby/DTS decoding.
  • AppleTV for Airplay and Dolby decoding.
  • Both as player (active, pulled media) and as renderer (passive, pushed media).