A new approach for better audio

Crystal clear sound, precise and stable soundstage and a smooth adjustable in-room response.

The audio system is based on a unique combination of existing, new and old, technologies for better audio.

Current-drive amplification

  • Current-drive gives a very high output impedance for improving loudspeaker performance.
  • And gives high feedback for improving amplifier performance.
  • Direct driving the loudspeaker with current eliminates electrical influences and reduces distortion.

Active amplification

  • Every loudspeaker driver has its own amplifier.
  • No passive filters interfere with optimal control of the loudspeaker drivers.

Scan-Speak tweeter for active current-drive system for better audio

Top-tier loudspeaker drivers

  • The loudspeaker drivers are selected for low distortion, wide dispersion and excellent dynamics.
  • And for large displacement for very deep bass and lower crossovers.

Acoustic suspension

  • Acoustic suspension, relying on the trapped air, increases the linearity of the suspension of the driver and reduces distortion.

Active digital crossovers

  • With digital precision and high stability correcting the loudspeaker driver responses and time alignment, for perfect stitching together the loudspeaker drivers.
  • It widens the usable bandwidth of the drivers.
  • The loudspeaker drivers are perfectly aligned in terms of time and phase.
  • There is no phase difference between the loudspeaker drivers in the whole bandwidth.

Digital room correction

  • Improves the soundstage and bass response.
  • In combination with wide dispersion loudspeaker drivers it results in an optimal
    in-room power response.


Resulting in

  • Crystal clear sound.
  • Precise and stable soundstage.
  • A smooth adjustable in-room response, with a deep punchy bass.