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If you would like to hear a system with crystal clear sound, precise and stable soundstage and a smooth adjustable in-room response and get a demonstration… Come and listen: come to one of the events or contact me.


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7e Luisterdag Oost Nederland zaterdag 3 februari 2018 (in Dutch)

Luisterdag Alphen: 18 November 2017 (in Dutch)

2-way loudspeaker system for active current-drive

And the reactions (also in Dutch).

Ook de Scan Speak (Discovery Serie) van Jerry was indrukwekkend en vrouw vriendelijk (Yes…Jerry Can!) Daarna vielen mijn eigen speakers eigenlijk een beetje tegen,

De set van Jerry, Loepzuiver en strak met een heel mooie klank balans , daar zou ik goed mee kunnen leven .

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4 thoughts on “Like to hear?

  1. Hello,

    I have been on the lookout for a ready-made current amplifier for a long time now.
    Are you selling such a device, or is it a complete system?


  2. Good day, Jerry,

    Thank you for sharing your work in a concise and positive manner on your website.

    Your system would seem to provide practical evidence that – despite of what the multitude of critics/skeptics claim (which I’m sure you’re well aware of) – CD not only works – with “off-the-shelf” as opposed to custom (re)engineered sub-components no less – , but in fact produces superior real-world results – without things “blowing up”.

    What nonetheless confuses me is that even EM (i.e. “the inspiration” for your work) himself has clearly/repeatedly mentioned the need/preference for an extraordinarily low QMS value range (1-1.5) that unfortunately simply isn’t to be found amongst the overwhelming majority of off-the-shelf drive units (it appears that you chose one of the Discovery midwoofers – its QMS is closer to 8). Beyond that, he also repeatedly mentions – with a bit of vagueness, just like others do on the subject, a general need for a new generation of drivers that indeed are designed for CD.

    One fellow from France (Fabrice aka Maxicdx) on diyaudio mentioned having developed some sort of Q compensation sub-circuit:

    “Problem is QMS correction, which has to be done electronically inside the feedback loop, otherwise you lose the benefit of the current drive in the low frequencies.”

    If it weren’t for these comments “from the master himself”, as well as that EVERY one of the manufacturers of the drivers I’ve already acquired for a rather large 4-way I’m constructing – namely RAAL (per side, 1x 70/20 Amorphous >5K), Accuton (1x C51 CELL 1-5K), Tang Band (2x W6-1914SB flat diaphragm 250-1K) and SB Acoustics (4x SB42 80-250) plus a multi-sub array (so technically the only drivers operating anywhere near resonance would be the subs, with everything else cut off at least an octave above resonance with steep FIR filters, most likely via Audiolense 5/JRiver on a PCXO), – have quite emphatically advised me to NOT employ CD (but who knows, perhaps they are a) simply “covering their rears” to avoid having to deal with potential customer complaints should someone in fact destroy their drivers due to incompetent experimentation, and b) automatically prone to thinking within the still-predominant passive-XO box?), I would be much more confident about venturing into CD myself.

    There are numerous other questions I could ask regarding the details of implementation at each stage, as well as the amp itself – beyond being CD, it needs to also perform at a high level overall with speed, high resolution/bandwidth suitable for mastering-level accuracy, and not just based on some cheap IC chip (i.e. perhaps good enough for the kind of tube-y night-club/warm & fuzzy guitar-amp sonic “flavor” that many “audiophiles” seem to prefer to go with their red wine and brie, as if this whole pursuit is about quasi-culinary subjectively pleasing co-creative re-interpretation rather than sticking to faithful reproduction of what the artist/mastering engineer created!), but the fundamental issue of existing driver compatibility is one I definitely need to sort out for certain prior to potentially proceeding.

    Any clarification in the matter would be most welcome.

    Thanks much again, and have a pleasant day,

    Mike Taylor

  3. Hello Jerry, I was wondering if you have had much interest in current drive? I’m offering a version of a current drive amp system too. So far I’ve had very little interest. I probably could do a better job of promoting it though.

    Thanks, Dave

  4. Hi. I would like to know who did supply you with the amplifier? Is it your own design? I am in search of something similar. Any advice will be much apreciated ::) Thank You for an inspiring presentation! Friendly Patrik Håkansson /Sweden

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