Why this combination?

All the design choices give improvement, some with a demand on other choices. The combination gives stunning results.

Low in distortion

Current-drive, the selected drivers, acoustic suspension and active crossovers all contribute to a lower distortion in the system.

Full range bandwidth

Closed enclosures together with drivers with big displacement, current drive and Linkwitz-transformation make full range system possible, even with two-way loudspeakers.

Clear soundstage

The closed enclosures ensuring little group delay, the digital crossovers ensuring time and phase alignment and the room correction ensuring left-right consistency makes the soundstage very clear and stable.

Great dynamics

Highly efficient drivers are driven by much lower voltages and currents than other drivers. With lower currents you have less power compression and less modulation of the induction. Those are the reasons that efficient speakers sound so ‘life like’.

With current-drive the current is not influenced by the voice coil resistance and voice coil inductance. So, with current-drive there is no compression of the sound by a raised resistance at all and no modulation by inductance whatsoever. On top of that there is extra headroom in the amplifiers by the use of active crossovers and by the use of efficient drivers. All together that gives very great dynamics.